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IF you go to Hajj or Umrah do not be afraid of not finding Indonesian food in Jeddah, Makkah and Madinah. Currently Indonesian restaurant and catering company that serves the taste of Indonesia have mushroomed in various cities through which the pilgrims or Umrah.

When you first set foot in the airport, for example, you must have felt a rice dish menu box with grilled chicken or jerked meat that taste is not inferior to restaurants in Indonesia because the chef from Indonesia Travel umroh Tangerang¬†.The Hajj or Umrah operator usually has booked lunch boxes as a ‘welcoming greeting “to the congregation of various restaurants Indonesia as” Betawi Restaurant, “” Mr. Sate “,” Sattis “etc.

Hasil gambar untuk tip membawa makanan saat umroh

While in Makkah also various catering company that serves Indonesian cuisine is very competitive, they offer a buffet open to a variety of hotels ranging from budget class to grade 5.

Call it “Asia Catering”, “Betawi Catering”, “Binjawi”, “Damanhuri”, “Southeast Asia”, “Kitchen We”, “Flavors” etc.

The menu offered a very vareatif according to package selected. Speaking of taste, do not worry. It must be very fitting for the tongue of Indonesia. In fact, many foreign nationals, including citizens of Saudi Arabia love the cuisine of Indonesia. This is proven by the height of the visitors restaurant Indonesia with Saudi Arabian citizens.

Oceng Shihabuddin, a restaurant supervisor Betawi admitted, the average citizen of Saudi Arabia who visited the restaurant ordered nasi campur and gado-gado.

“In addition to the presentation fast, they like with dense foods and a lot,” he said.

So it is not strange that all Indonesian restaurant in Jeddah, Makkah and Madinah provides a menu nasi campur.

In Medina, there are even some middle-class restaurant down near Ghumamah Mosque, north Baqi. Here, there are at least four restaurants Indonesia. In addition to a seasonal restaurant that is often seen in the Hajj and Umrah.

The same thing we get in Jeddah. In Balad, for example as a favorite places are usually visited by pilgrims and Umrah now there are 3 restaurants Indonesia. There is a “Warung Bakso Mang Oedin”, “Rosella” and “Restaurant Garuda”. The pilgrims can enjoy Indonesian cuisine after shopping in the Balad (sort Blok-M its Jeddah). The price offered is relatively affordable with pockets of Indonesia.

Even if you want a little to the outside Balad, District Syarafiah for instance, precisely where it is most in demand by the Mukimin Indonesia, within a radius of about 1 KM you can find at least 8 restaurants Indonesia ranging from warteg class to upper class.

In a place often called “Kampong Jawa” You can find a variety of dishes and drinks Indonesian specialties ranging from stews jengkol, gado-gado, kredok, pecel catfish up to baklava.

In this area there are restaurants Betawi is usually used by the pilgrims or Umrah for transit before checking in at the hotel or to the airport before considering the price is much cheaper than the price of food in the hotel.

In the restaurant berluas 400 m which can accommodate about 150 pilgrims, typically the managers as well as hold a farewell to the congregation after Umrah program ends. Indonesia not only pilgrims but also pilgrims from Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam are often found to visit this restaurant.

The proliferation of restaurants Indonesia in Jeddah not be separated from the economic law of demand and supply, in addition to the number of citizens who understand a lot in Jeddah it is also supported by many Saudis who travel to Indonesia.

Those who have felt the taste of Indonesian cuisine while in Indonesia. Now, upon his return to Saudi Arabia, apparently they are trying to find the same taste. This opportunity is used by businesses to set up restaurants Indonesian restaurants.

Of course there are many other Indonesian restaurants in Jeddah and the surrounding areas that have not been mentioned here, for it do not worry not find the taste of Indonesia as long as you perform Hajj or Umrah.

But be careful, there are also restaurants labeled Indonesia but the taste is far from the taste of Indonesia, understood as the chef is usually taken from the people of Bangladesh.

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