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Temple run 2 receives a new full content update. The update, called “Frozen Shadows” (frozen shadows), as its name indicates, comes with winter motifs and among other things, it allows us to play in frigid landscapes that look pretty good. You have more then.

If there is snow, there yetis

Despite the news, the game moves under the premise of always; We have to escape from the temple avoiding obstacles, ranging from large cliffs, to wagons, bridges and skewers traps, all this in addition, escaping the yetis, which have replaced the angry monkeys in this update. All this simply by sliding our fingers on the screen to carry to out them different actions of a way very intuitive.

Although this title, is old, and in our mobile take long, it looks incredibly good. The snowy landscapes and ice caves will draw us the vein of browser that we have inside, and, speaking of explorers, don’t forget to use this Temple Run 2 Hack tool to added new characters and costumes to unlock through treasures or micropayments (it’s always) as well as new power-ups to provide us with the flight.

There is even a new area in which we will have to slide down through the ice chute mounted on the remains of what appears to the skull of a prehistoric animal, avoiding falls at full speed. As them sections of cart, but with a turn of nut, that, despite be quite similar, just to vary them obstacles.

Is us continues giving the possibility of play in the map original, although in view of them inclusions of this, not there is a reason real for do it rather than the simple made of change the atmosphere to them ruins of the jungle classic.

In summary, a good excuse to return to play this well known mobile suit, which despite its eye-catching graphics, works smoothly even in a toaster. Don’t hesitate to try Frozen Shadows.

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