September Birth Flower – There’s More in a Name


Are rustling in September’s wind.
A Sapphire on her eyebrow should bind;
To bring her pleasure as well as satisfaction.”
Fact, sincerity, consistency– features of September’s birthstone, Sapphire. We present a person jewelry including their birthstone to desire them good luck and also defense. Most individuals know their birthstone but few know that monthly has an equivalent birth flower. What are September’s birth blossom and message when sending flowers?


Greek siren Asterea cried since planet did not have stars; Asters grew where her splits fell. For this reason, Asters are a love charm having magical powers. Asters are named after the shape of its blossom head, the Greek word for celebrity. Like stars overhead, Asters can be found almost everywhere because they expand in tropics to cooler areas of the North. And also whatever nation you might remain in, including Sweden, France, Spain, Netherlands, they are still called Asters.

Importance of Aster Flower Arrangement:

Talisman of Love
Faith, Wisdom, Light
Take Care of Yourself for Me
20th Wedding celebration Wedding anniversary blossoms
Asters are part of the Asteraceae household of around 600 types. Also called Michaelmas Sissy, Starwort, Frost flowers, an Aster is a collection of really small tubular blossoms around a yellow main disk providing the illusion of a solitary flower. They come in a rainbow of colors– white, red, pink, purple, lavender, blue.

Though Asters are simple to blunder for sissies, they are smaller and also are closely related to chrysanthemums. Asters are perfect as a tabletop blossom bouquet or center arrangement on its own or complementing various other blossoms.


Heavenly Blue, Crimson Rambler, Pearly Gates– monikers for this blossom America has as an alternative September birth flower. The Japanese telephone call them Asagao. Asa definition morning; kao for face.

Its name states everything: blossoms that flower in the morning, however by afternoon starts dying. A large open saucer-shaped flower, it is quickly cross-pollinated by birds as well as bringing new flowers daily. This flower represents Love fruitless.

Morning Glory is a typical name for over 1000 species in Convolvulaceae family members. It expands as a vine generating white, blue, red, pink, purple and also yellow flowers.


The flower of remembrance, one of the most romantic story behind it name is: A middle ages knight, strolling with his maiden along a riverbank, stopped to select a flower arrangement but fell into the river due to the weigh of his armor. As he sank, he threw the flower arrangement to his maiden as well as yelled, “forget me not!”.

Other Tales

Christian legend informs of the child Jesus sitting on Mary’s lap desiring future generations would remember them. He waved his hand and blue forget-me-nots appeared.
In German legend, God had called all plants when a tiny unnamed one screamed, “Neglect me not, O Lord!”. The Lord responded, “That shall be your name.”
Icon of Remembrance

Canadian Newfoundlanders have worn them to remember the country’s battle dead
After World War II, Freemasons utilized these flowers in memory of masons who endured under the Nazis
Aster blossom bouquet is generally given to relative or friends of a person that passed away
Canada’s Alzheimer Society has embraced these flowers are their symbol
Express Real and also Faithful Love, Good luck as well as Hope

15th century Germany claimed that lovers would not neglect wearers
King Henry IV of England adopted this blossom as his individual all the best beauty
Sometimes handed out by business to customers in hopeful tip of their brand name
Forget-Me-Nots, British alternate September birth blossom, come from the genus Myosotis. Around 50 varieties of little fragile blossoms with level 5-lobed blue or purple, pink, white flowers with yellow facilities exist.

Throughout background, fans have gifted a flower arrangement to every to express longing, devotion, love. When sending out blossoms, recognizing their birth blossom is a great means to go. The tales behind the blossom bouquet could be amusing, yet always, a flower bouquet has a language of its own.

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