Seven Surprising Facts About Vomiting not You Know

It seemed almost everyone must have vomited in his life. Vomiting can be described as a condition where a person issued (emptying) entrails, intentionally or unintentionally, through the mouth and sometimes also the nostrils. Vomiting phenomenon occurs when the abdominal muscles contract and suddenly liberated. This causes the undigested food in the stomach perfectly forcibly expelled through the mouth.

Stomach nausea wanted to vomit
Usually before a person will experience a state vomiting stomach queasy, uncomfortable sensation, and accompanied by a little dizzy head. The cause of someone vomiting can be a variety of various things, such as indigestion, motion sickness, pregnancy, side effects of certain drugs, flu, food poisoning, problems in the gallbladder, a heavy meal, concussion, gastritis or stomach acid, and others ,

Vomiting also has some side effects such as chest pain, abdominal pain, sore throat, body low energy, and so forth. Did you know that vomiting is not necessarily associated with something bad happens to , but sometimes as the body’s attempt to remove an infection or certain toxins from the digestive system. There are a number of surprising facts associated with vomiting that you may not know, the following among others:

– Facts 1
Often most people consider only vomiting caused by the flu virus, especially in infants. But in fact it can also be caused by acid reflux, migraine, and pharyngitis.

– Fact 2
color or texture vomit can also indicate a specific health condition. If the color tends to be blackish or red light, it will likely come out no blood mixed with vomit. Immediately consult a paramedic to obtain further handling.

– Fact 3
Vomiting is not always associated with poor health. Sometimes vomiting are the body’s way in removing infection or harmful toxins from the digestive tract.

– Fact 4
There is a kind of phobia known as Emetophobia. Someone who has this phobia will experience excessive fear if she vomits or see others who are vomiting. Even under the most severe conditions, the patient will experience a panic attack Emetophobia great and fainted instantly.

– Fact 5
Other facts, even vomiting can be fatal alias sudden death if not treated at the right time. Especially if the frequency of vomiting that continues over time because it can lead to acute dehydration and organ failure.

– Fact 6
There are certain conditions which are known as syndrome cyclic vomiting, where someone vomited repeatedly and nausea for no apparent reason.

– Fact 7
A person suffering from anxiety and depression may also experience vomiting more often. This is caused by the cycle of the chemical changes that occur in the brain.

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