The Emergence of Various Furniture Entrepreneurs in Malaysia

Various furniture industry in Malaysia today is already able to start growing rapidly in recent decades. Malaysia itself has actually started to be known throughout Southeast Asia because of their quality wood and also excellent artwork in wood carvings. Malaysia itself can actually be regarded as one of the main suppliers of timber for many countries such as China, Japan, Australia and Taiwan. Malaysian wood furniture has begun to soar in popularity due to its competitive price, excellent quality, excellent design and the industry’s acceptable support from Malaysia’s national government.

Meanwhile, there is also rubber wood from Malaysia. They are usually widely used in the manufacture of various furniture. Usually in working on molds and also make a product and various tools made by carpenters. Furniture industry in Malaysia itself will be able to continue to grow because until now it has experienced a lot of increased funds provided by the government for many furniture entrepreneurs who are there. This is the key factor that led to the development of the furniture industry in Malaysia:

· Availability of many modern equipment

· Excellent quality of raw wood is available.

· Malaysia is strategically located geographically on the map, so that the export business can gain huge profits.

· High impetus for the teak industry from the government.

In addition, there are also some types of wood that has been widely known and they also come from Malaysia. Apart from the old rubber woods being the most popular types of wood such as Burmese teak, Burmese ironwood, Walnut wood, and even Kempis wood. Where all types of wood like this indeed will usually have a special characteristic that later will be a characteristic of their own. They are also very popular for various users in many Asian countries.

The Malaysian furniture industry can be divided into the following categories:

1. Sawn timber industry: This industry mostly moves in bulk and is a big part of export earnings.

2. Veneer laminate and panel products consisting of coated work and coated wooden beams and panels. This is used to create lightweight household furniture targeted at middle-class Asian society.

3. Moldings Industry and the joinery works: This segment deals with a large number of production doors, windows and similar components. It is also strongly Teak Furniture Manufacture associated with export markets through Malaysia.

4. Furniture components for home needs. This category does not take into account many exports.

In the meantime, it is true that most of the existing production houses in Malaysia are owned by many local entrepreneurs and there is even an estimate that it will be able to show that there are about 75% of local woodworking industries owned by medium and even medium enterprises Also some small companies there. Usually this kind of industry is very crowded and they will usually be located in areas such as Sarawak and also in Sabah. Factories in this area mostly use rubber wood to produce finished products while other wood brands are processed here and then shipped for export to other countries.

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