The following types of bananas Suitable For A Healthy Diet

The banana is a fruit that is very popular in Indonesia, because the fruit has a sweet taste and tender texture. Bananas are so many kinds, ranging from bananas Ambon, bananas Rajanangka, bananas Gold, and much more.
Bananas can also be processed into a variety of food is very tasty and delicious, like iced green bananas, nagasari, ice bananas, piscok , and many more. But keep in mind that a banana was also very suitable as a menu for the diet. Which only needs to be noted that in addition to bananas consumed directly can also be processed into a variety of food.

And to cultivate bananas into the menu needs to be considered in view of the levels of calories. Because the menu for the diet to consider is the level of calories in order to prevent weight gain back.

Bananas to diet

1. Ambon banana

Ambon banana is a type of banana which is very popular in the market, because this kind of banana has a sweet taste and also the price is quite expensive compared to other types of bananas. Ambon banana is a type of banana diet. Because the banana is nutritionally complete and can be filling in a long time. Besides bananas Ambon also low in calories, so it is safe for you who are dieting.

2. Banana Gold

Bananas have a small form proved to be extremely suitable as a kind of banana diet. In addition to giving effect banana glut of gold also has a complete nutritional content like banana Ambon. The price of bananas is also quite expensive and compete with bananas Ambon. Besides being able to be consumed directly, bananas gold can also be consumed in the form of other foods such as salad and ice bananas. You can eat bananas for breakfast or lunch.

3. Bananas Belitung

Type bananas for banana diet the other is Belitung. These bananas have a fairly large size, so it will be very filling for consume. Bananas Belitung is also a type of banana that is perfect for those who are dieting. Bananas Belitung can easily find on the market, so it will be easy to find.
For you fans of bananas Belitung, besides eaten directly, bananas Belitung can also be processed into a variety of other foods such as banana ice. Banana ice can you baluti with chocolate. Although chocolate contains calories high enough, but it does not hurt to try it occasionally.

In addition to the type of bananas to the diet mentioned above, actually there are many more other types. For that you can search for sources of other information types of bananas any good for the diet. Basically all the bananas good for the body, especially for diet. Because bananas can make a full stomach for a long time, in addition to the nutritional content is also very good for the body.

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