The Leadership Rules For Team

The Leadership Rules For Team
To be result-oriented and not activity leaders are such because they focus on a few priorities in a clear and precise defined, and have a constant control of situations. Deciding means choosing, take a position, privilege, gain; but it also means giving up. When you decide to act or you choose a solution, at the same time they allow themselves to lose all the others. The behavior of those who normally take decisions has as a common denominator the motivation, that will lead people to act promptly, speed, organization, tenacity, firmness, and expected capacity. It is in this sense that leaders must demonstrate that those, explaining their decisions to others and involving them in the same, so as to transmit to the belief group that the decisions made are the best possible.

Is essential to moderate the discipline with humanity, that is, with the ability to take the role of co-workers. The leader has the ability to be able to interpret the needs of the people entrusted to him in working, which become external customers in this context. So along with the ability to communicate, the leader must also develop the ability to listen, and in work is an irreplaceable capacity as well as a professional duty; this talent contributes significantly to the successful accomplishment of any task, from customer satisfaction, management responsibility for task. The leader is aware that what is valued is not the financial resources, facilities or technology, but the people. Sa thus distribute power throughout the organization, empowering others and making them feel protagonists. The leader does not impose but persuades others, interpreting moods, feelings and expectations.

An entrepreneur enters an innovating industry in the sense of producing or distributing differently, adding, subtracting or improving features and benefits of the product or service of its rivals.

Someone said If you are not in business for money, for fun or for both of you doing there. In fact most successful entrepreneurs love their work.

An ancient Japanese proverb Vision without action is daydreaming but act without vision is a nightmare.

The question that then you need to answer and examine in a profound way is WHY Why we decided to become entrepreneurs. What prompted us to undertake a difficult and risky job, which requires all our attention, which takes all of our time.

The reasons we decide to undertake can be various

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