the style of clothing as well as combining with the style wearing shoes

Now that children started school and I have more free time, I have been able to get things that before I did not dare to use. How many times at the time of dressing you would like to try something different? And in the end you end up with a simple jeans, shoes rubber and a flannel… typical!
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If you really want change or wear different why not do something about it? That difficult might wake up one morning and say “Ok, today I will wear heels and I‘m going to comb in a different way, or I find“the dress”that I put at the bottom of the closet” believe me, you will feel super if you change some things, besides that they give lots of praise for your change.


So here I bring three things that women think that they have well; but that would surprise the outcome if they really try:


Red lipstick: If you look at the magazines, is very fashionable red lip, many models and artists use it but not moms! Why? Many say that it is the dramatic look that gives. But don’t stop that, the step and buy yourself a red lipstick. How to apply the lipstick? First you delineas you lips, a little stuffed them with the stylus. And then, you’re going to put the red lipstick. Choose the color according to your skin tone, and if you‘re very pale, don’t use darker tones to bright red, you will be very severe. Darkskinned people can use a richer color. Relax, if you feel very uncomfortable with the tone, you can soften it with a gloss or shine, the way to do that is by grabbing a gloss color (nude) meat or brown clear and place it over the red. This will make that color softens a bit and you‘ll be super sexy.
Hats: Always I listened to me about “hats left Me horrible”. Just think that once everybody wore hats and no one cared if they had not well… jual sepatu converse hitam  What matters and influences is the style of hat per is. Not seem ridiculous that you’re outside in the Sun, burning you head and not you place a hat! My general rule is that while larger are your factions, greater must be the brim of the hat. If you follow this rule, you’ll see that you‘ll find a hat that goes with you.
Tied to the ankle shoes: it is well-known that shoes tied at the ankles, are the worst nightmare, since it cuts the leg into pieces and gives more attention to the sweet potatoes. I think that potatoes are one of the sexiest and exploited sub that has women, thus them have skinny or gorditas. Why do not you take advantage of them? But despite what you‘ve said, don’t you convince you… because then I present to shoes with strap “T”. Shoe with strap “T” is like the good cousin, while shoes with strap at the ankle, the bad boy. The difference between the two is, first strap “T”, lengthens the foot by having a linear belt up in the foot and second shoe with strap “T” is much lower buckling ankle. So if you want to use some tied to the ankle shoes and they don’t like you as you are your legs, you know you have the alternative of shoe with strap “T”.


So you have advice for those items that you don’t dare you use, either the red lipstick, hats or shoes. Do you have another secret or any advice to share? Don’t hesitate to tell usChauuuuu Chauuu!
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