Tips for Safe Buying Clothes Online

Activities are increasingly crowded online shopping done by modern society that uses Internet technology in daily life. Shopping online offers various facilities so no wonder if many people prefer this method rather than go directly to the store. But behind its simplicity, online shopping also has drawbacks such as the incompatibility of the product with the original photo to lead to fraud.

One of the online shopping activity is most often done is buy clothes online. Grosir jubah anak laki yes, the need for various types and needs clothes make some people prefer to buy it online. Typically, the products are sold online clothing has advantages unique variety of clothes, different from the others and certainly not the market. Well, so you are comfortable and fun clothes shopping online, there are some tips to consider.

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photo Products

Similarities between the original items and photos of products on display in the social media and the web typically has a different level of accuracy, in this case if you want to buy a dress online make sure what percentage of the degree of similarity pictures and genuine items. It is not unlikely that the clothes that you buy will be much different with the photo because the products generally shown product photos will be edited in such a way to attract many potential buyers.

Matches the color of clothes is also often a problem, because the lighting effects will affect the images to the original. For clothes made from spandex or knit, usually the original color will be darker than the photos. While clothing made from cotton or twistcone original colors tend to be much different from the color of the clothes in the photo.

Clothing material

Make it a habit to always read the caption on the image of the product before buying, such as clothing material used. If the description of clothing material is not found, you can ask it directly to the seller because it is important to ensure that the material will we wear clothes that do not get bought clothes made of materials that are not comfortable. Convenience is the most important factor in wearing.

Clothes size

As a buyer, you have to know what size clothes that fit the body size. Shirt size mentioned in sizes S, M, L, or XL do not all have a great uniform. Therefore, make sure how many chest circumference, shoulder length, arm length to the length of the clothes that are likely fits your body. The easiest way to find out is to measure deemed fit shirt with a ruler or meter clothes. This is to avoid buying clothes online size greatness or smallness.

Consider Price and Quality

We all know that the benchmark price can generally represent the quality of goods including clothes. If you are a fan of import clothes, when there is an online shop that sells at a low price you should be suspicious. Maybe it sells secondhand clothes or they are trying to cheat. Import clothes of good quality must be priced high enough, above 100,000. Also, avoid also buy clothes online at a price that is too expensive unless you already subscribe to the online shop. Why? This is to avoid losses and a sense of disappointment on the clothes that you buy when received later, and found the quality of the goods are not as expected.

Know your seller

Not all of the online shop to be believed, though its use domain is commonly used by the trusted online shop but could not prove that they are “Trusted Seller”. If no contact is displayed, try contacting beforehand whether the number can be reached or not. The problem is answered or not the phone, online shop does not mean that it can not be trusted because some online shop usually has a policy in serving buyers. There are only received via SMS and chat, there is also accepting reservations via phone through customer services. Ensuring the online shop is trustworthy or not can also go through short messages, they will usually reply to incoming messages faster than the lifting tel.

Learn Store Policy

In the online shopping activity, there are other important things before you decide to buy the store policy issues ranging from the way of payment, warranty goods to a refund if the goods ordered are not being received or the conditions are not good. Make sure that these policies do not harm you as a buyer, if it turns out there is a policy that is felt hurt you should not buy it. A simple example is the issue of return clothes that there was a defect and so forth.

Save Evidence Transfer

Many problems that occur in buying and selling online, as the buyer is deemed not to transfer, shipping errors and other goods. To anticipate unwanted events you should keep proof of transactions in the form of the transaction if the screenshot photo using ibanking or sms banking, or if you transfer via ATM user you can save paper proof of transfer until the goods are received safely. One moment it could be a weapon if there is a problem with your order payment.

Testimonial or Review

Another way to ascertain whether the clothes you want to buy good quality or not is to see testimonials from other buyers who have never bought it. But this time it can not be the benchmark for the form of written testimony can be composed himself, but in this technological era sellers typically utilize customer testimonials through some photo collection of testimonials from various social media and chat. You can see pictures of these testimonials to convince themselves about the credibility of an online shop.

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