Tips on Choosing Fruit

Fruit picking tips should be something we must look out for because the selection of good fruits will greatly affect our families, especially if we have small children. Choosing fruit well and correctly is one of the important tips you should read, if you do not know how to choose and buy fresh fruit.

Currently the demand for fruits, especially the fresh ones, seems to have increased rapidly. This is likely due to the high level of public awareness about maintaining the health and stamina of the body; Indeed, consuming fruits is the best way to maintain physical health. However, one thing you should know about consuming fruits for health, only fresh fruits that can provide intake of vitamins and nutrients.

And unfortunately, not all fruit merchants are honest because some unscrupulous traders sell fruit that is not fresh to customers. Therefore, you must be selective in choosing fresh fruit. Below are some tips you can do in choosing fresh fruit, based on the type of fruit.
Tips on Choosing Apple Fruits and Oranges

Tips for choosing the first fruit is for apples and oranges, one of the most popular fruits among the people from lower class to upper class. When buying apples, you should choose in the fruit market that only sells fresh fruit or supermarkets that always provide new fruit. To choose fresh apples, you should tap the fruit with your fingers only (not too hard).

If the sound is loud, then the apple is crunchy, but when the sound is heavy, then the apple is not crunchy anymore. In addition, choose apples that have smooth skin without spots and smell nice. To choose oranges, make sure you choose oranges whose skin is not so smooth – better if there is a patch on the orange peel. To ensure freshness, plug your fingernail into the center of the citrus fruit: a good orange soft skin.
Tips for Choosing Other Fruits

In addition to apples and oranges, the fruit that lately is very famous is durian. To choose fresh and ripe durians, you must use your sense of smell: fresh and ripe durian fruit is strong or stinging. In addition, to choose durian that has a lot of flesh, choose durian fruit with perfect circle. Besides durian, mango fruit also become more popular lately. To choose the fruit of mango, make sure to choose the smell of fragrant and mature.

In addition to some of the above tips, choosing or buying fruit at the supermarket (which always provides new fruits) or a bustling fruit market is another important point in fruit picking tips.

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