Tips on wearing hot season and season

 If the black and white are a must for the summer, stripes are a must of the must. Vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, regular or irregular, wide or narrow, all worth when it comes to creating the perfect outfit. Use these prints in skirts, blouses, pants and dresses. But you do not abuse! If you think using a striped garment, combine it with another lisa, which can be white, black or any other color neutral.




Black and white fashion also applies to shoes, wallets, belts and hats. Even sunglasses have joined this trend. These accessories can be plain or combined. Use them in any way to cut a monochromatic look.


And if you’re a fan of the manicure also you can play with drawings in black and white on your nails.


If you still need more ideas, watch this tutorial to learn how to combine your black and white clothes.


7 ideas to furnish your small apartment


When we have a beautiful but small apartment is very simple garnish only have to take into account the best tips for doing so. Many people ignore everything that can be achieved if really they knew certain tips to get the best of each space: place new furniture store, use decorative elements that stand out spaces, think of an original way The ideas are very practical, at the end everything applies in the same way for each apartment: large or small. For this reason, today we offer you 7 simple solutions, notes and get to work!
1. create a spacious and cosy room, on few square meters
Rooms / halls of modern style by Castroferro architects


At the time of having a room we must consider make it wide, comfortable and cool, have a very minimalist and practical style. When we select furniture must consider the size and quality of its fabrics. You’ll see that you can have a beautiful room with few decorative elements: remembers using pads with vibrant colors, adequate lighting and decorating with pictures or table decorations.
2 ideas for a small closet


The best thing you can do to make your spaces is having a small closet in the House, this will make it easier to organize your clothes and shoes. You don’t need a big one, you need to be functional, as well as this: we know that it is not conventional, but it is very practical and original. You can also use the lobby to find shoes, scarves and hats so save space in the closet. If you wish to learn more about how to improve your closet show you: the Guide homify to dressing rooms.
3. a quiet room


If you want to have a bedroom that invite rest and at the same time allows you to enjoy your time as a couple, the best thing you can do is dress up the bed with beautiful colors and soft cushions. For larger spaces, we recommend that you paint the walls with light colors, as have depicted him RENATA MATOS architecture & BUSINESS experts in conjunction with a simple header will be able to have a really cozy room.
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