Travel Tips to Lombok

Travel Guides to Lombok is increasingly rivaling Bali, stretching tourism in Lombok Island , West Nusa Tenggara is arguably one of the tourist destinations most Popular because it has a lot of potential for stunning natural from Mount Rinjani to the shores of exotic still “virgin” as Kuta beach, Tanjung Aan, to small islands (dyke) is no less captivating. And not only that, Frenzied Travel the world overnight became one of the targets of tourism in Lombok. Here’s Travel Guides to Lombok will give to you. For you gili getaway fast boat who want to vacation on the island of Lombok, seven ways you can do for your vacation unforgettable. This way you can do for you travelers used to be a backpacker or not.


1. Set up a travel itinerary or schedule Lombok in Matang Sometimes spontaneity is to make the holiday more exciting. But, if you only have limited time for the holidays, it’s good we nyiapin all itineraries or itinerary carefully. Looking for as much information as possible on the Internet is a good choice. From finding a place to stay, means of transportation used, up to the distance and time to get to the tourist spots in Lombok. Thus, the time will not be wasted. Moreover, if a vacation in a group, the itinerary is nice and has been agreed in advance can avoid conflict that could disrupt your holiday.

2. Rent a Car in Lombok You can use public transport in Lombok like Bemo (public transportation) or Cidomo (sort of gig) to travel in Lombok. But, if you’re vacationing in Group transport costs could be less if renting a car. For car hire rates itself, in Lombok classified as slightly more expensive. For any type of car Avanza charge could reach Rp 300,000 / 8 hours include driver. with Car Rental in Lombok you can reach areas farther than public transport. Especially if you in the area of Mataram, minibus and cidomo much rarer. Two flagship Lombok public transport was more common outside the city of Mataram. Another advantage if you rent a Car in Lombok is a bonus free tour guide of the driver. Because usually, a driver who is a native of there already memorized tourist spots frequented. And certainly when you rent a car, you already have a deal with the driver or agent Car Hire in Lombok on the rental rates to avoid time of payment.

3. Extra Cash Money in Wallet Tourist attractions in Lombok in contrast to the tourist attractions in Foster City, to enjoy the attractions in Lombok not charge such centers Banyumulek pottery, traditional Sasak village, or Lingsar. But, When you enter the areas, there usually is a charity box and a book to write down the value of donations that you love. Advice from, you can give a donation that seikhlasnya yes between Rp 5,000 to Rp 10,000. Because you gave donations will be used to promote the tourist spots are. Ga only that, that you obtain the complete story of the history surrounding the sites that you, you can use the services of a local tour guide native of the village. For the cost of services is also ga tour guide assigned, all seikhlas your heart. Therefore, it is advisable prepare small money 5,000 and Rp 1 0000 for donations give it.


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