Types of Clay Mask & Benefits for Beauty

Know the types Mud Mask and benefits for our facial beauty. Good use for women or men. Let’s consider the following reviews.

After I explained about the benefits and how where I create a mask using natural ingredients such as cucumber, alpuket, lemon, and so on, in addition to using natural materials before, there is a way that is not much to be rich in benefits and usefulness by using mud mask. Maybe some stout people seldom know about the content of the benefits or efficacy of treatment using this mud mask. Also, many people who doubt the use of this mud mask, because it may look dirty and a lot of germs, but it is not true.

Type mud mask for beauty

Type mud mask for beauty

You should know that lumput that you make as a mud mask is not haphazard that we usually find around the house, you can use the mud is mud that has been contaminated with germs or dirt, and mud can we take in certain areas. Here below are some kind of mud that we can make a mask as follows:

Types of Mud Mask for Face Beauty

Black mud
Bentonite Clay mud or volcanic
Sea Mud Mask
Lumpur Alpine Moor
Lumpur Fuller’s Earth
Lumpur French Clay
To get lumbur-lumbur as above this, it is not easy to be found because the materials are very rare and can only be found in certain areas. However, for now the mask as above can be found in herbal stores and salons in the pack, only a very limited stock of goods. The mud mask that we know of its brand if you want to look into herbal shop or beauty, such as:

Masker Naturgo
Masker Qiansoto
Mask Hello Kitty
mask Shiseido
mask Spirulina
The content available from this mud mask contains substances that can make your skin beautiful and fresh, the content of substances contained in the mud contains minerals, carbon compounds, and inorganic and organic nutrients that are very good for the health of your skin.

How can you do to use mud mask is very easy. First, wash your face with warm water first, is to open the pores on your skin. then apply a mud mask on your face evenly, avoiding eye area and the lips or mouth. Leave for about 30 minutes sapai dry. And telakhir, rinse with clean water. very easy and simple, is not it?

Benefits and Efficacy Using Mud Mask

The following are some benefits and efficacy of using mud mask for the skin, as follows below:

Being able to eliminate and prevent acne from your skin.
Being able to remove blackheads on the skin of your face, whether it is white or blackheads blackheads black.
Being able to remove dead skin cells in order, so that your skin looks fresher.
Able to clean and shrink pores .
Being able to eliminate toxins in your skin.
Being able to smooth the skin you.
Able to tighten your skin so that your skin does not easily wrinkle
That was the some of the benefits and types of mud mask that you can know in advance before using it. After that, you can get it at a specific place or herbal shops and beauty. Using this mud mask, you can use yourself at home by following the guidelines in the article that has been described above, or in the salon.

Thus I submit articles which may be useful for you. Thank you

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