Understanding and 4 Size Criteria international standard Table Tennis

You surely know this one sport, Or’ve never tried it, lest already know the basic techniques of table tennis ? From the name you surely already know the meaning of the word, that tennis is a game that uses a ball and a racket or commonly called the bet and then a table that have meaning in doing this game do table.

Definition of Table Tennis

Definition of table tennis game is a small ball sport played on a table with the size specified by using the bet . Racket in the game called the bet is a tool that is used as a means of hitting a ball made of wood and by rubber that aims to make the ball can bounce perfectly. Harga meja tenis


One sport is similar to tennis airy played great in the field that size, it is the primary difference between tennis and table tennis, not just the size of the racket and the ball was different. Table tennis game done by 2 or 4 people compete with each other to earn points. In Indonesia people used to call the sport of table tennis with the name of sports balls ping pong.

The International Federation of Table Tennis

In this sports game have an organization that will oversee the international game, the game rules or any other matter relating to the parent organization of table tennis will be supervised directly by the ITTF ( International Table Tennis Federation ). As for the sport of table tennis in Indonesia named PTMSI (Table Tennis Association of Indonesia). Here are some standard specifications table size tennis court.

1. Size Table Tennis International Standards

Table tennis courts are not using an empty land or surface attached to the floor as well as the other sports. For the sports field this one is to use a table that is supported by several foot buffer table to be balanced. Because the game of table tennis is done with the feet, then the position players have to adjust to the size of a table that has been determined.

Organizations in Indonesia, namely the unity of the entire Indonesian table tennis table tennis to make the field size should follow international standards under the supervision of the ITTF ( International Table Tennis Federation ). Beriku are some standard measure of international table tennis courts.

Multiple Criteria Table Tennis Field Size

Having a field that is 274 cm long.
Having a field width is 152.5 cm.
Height is measured from the bottom floor is 76 cm.
Has a thick line on the field that is 2 cm.
It has spacious grounds is 4.1785 square meters.
2. Material Specifications Bet and Table Tennis

One of the most important factors or components of the game of table tennis is the equipment table. You can not do this exercise when not using the table as a field. It has become the official rules in the game of table tennis. Material table tennis must follow standard rules specified that when the ball is thrown up must bounce a certain height. Materials are primarily used to make table tennis is multiplex , because this type of material has the advantage of a strong, sturdy and durable.

3. Size Net International Standards

The aim of the game is to get as many points as to how the ball should go beyond the limits net opposing players in order to win the game. Net serves as a barrier to high-speed tennis balls and limiting the distance between the players, and therefore the player should not hit too low and if the techniques do try table tennis ball over the net .

One official rules in the game of table tennis is when a player was serving then the ball hits the net but still advanced to the opposite field area, then the player must repeet serve. The following specifications of the size of the net international standards.

Has a long net that is 183 cm.
Has a width or height of the net is 15.25 cm.
Having a table distance to the pole is 15.25 cm.
Having wide net that is 0.279075 square meters.
4. Ball Table Tennis International Standards

Generally, the balls used in the game of table tennis orange and white. The ball used in the game of table tennis size, smaller than a tennis ball field. Here are some standard size ball in table tennis rules.

Multiple Criteria Table Tennis ball size

Tennis ball that has a diameter of 40 mm.
Tennis ball that weighs 2.7 grams
Tennis ball is made of lightweight cellulosic material.
Tennis balls when dropped from a height of 30.5 mm, then the ball must generate reflections about 23 to 26 mm.
Tennis balls used in official matches must have 3 that is of the highest quality.
From the above, you must have understood if it is to make the field of table tennis or buy them with international standard specifications. You should also be careful in the selection table tennis ball that blows you fast track. So the discussion for this article may be useful.

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