The Technique Of Table Tennis-Forehand

Spanking is done if the ball was the right body. How to do it: harga meja pimpong

By lowering your body position, then move your hand holding the bet towards the waist. If you’re not left-handed movement towards the right. Your elbows forming an angle of 90 degrees. Now lives move forward without changing hands.

Pemain tenis meja memilki keahlian dalam teknik pukulan atau disebut stroke dalam teknik dasar tenis meja

The Technique Of Table Tennis-Backhand Punch-

The punch is made of balls are on the left of the body. How to melakukannua:
Lower the position of your body, then move your hand toward the left waist. If your hands are not left-handed, with an angle of 90 degrees. Move the hand and bet towards the future, keep your elbow 90 degrees and bet you keep it straight.


1. Drive

Is the length of the swing resulting punch punch a prominent flat and hard. Punch type you use it fast and hard. There are 2 types of punch, i.e. forehand and backhand drives.

Forehand volley
How to do it:
First move the bet towards the future. The movement was used peputaran this is followed by the Agency towards the front of the spinning body of approximately 30 degrees.

Faults and how to overcome in doing forehand, that there is a change in the position of the plant. Due back in the wrist. Be strong pegelangan hand as did the attitude of the beginning, so that your bet will not change position.

How to do it:
The first elbow form an angle of 90 degrees. The movement of your bet must be followed by the motion of the rotating body. Keep the contact with the ball when the bet is ahead a bit left.

Mistakes are possible in this blow, how to overcome it is the motion of the foot (the foot work). Overcome this by way of reproduce latihand backhand.

2. Push

Psif backspin blow (push) done to confront the backspin. By doing this, can keep the ball doesn’t soar too high from the net. Inside there are two kinds of punch push, that backhand forehand push and push.

Backhand Push
Perkenaan against the ball the same as forehand push. The difference between this use the backhand. Try to contact the ball just happened to friction but it should be strong, so it produces the perfect backspin and ball perkenaan between the ball on the left of approaching the dpan your body.

Forehand Push
Note the position of the bet you are a bit open. The next bet and a little movement to the bottom and keep the ball on the middle part of the bet.

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