Voodoo Production releases 2 brand-new efforts to grow 3D printing

Voodoo Production, a leading software-optimised 3D printing factory, has today revealed 2 brand-new efforts in an effort to grow the 3D printing and production communities.

Voodoo’s brand-new Print API and Partner Program will look for to centralise normally ad-hoc methods to production, and make 3D printing more available for customers.

Print API will use an on-demand 3D printing service which is stated to permit companies to construct never-before-possible experiences and projects. Orders positioned through the API will be routed straight to Voodoo, where they will be 3D-printed, packaged then delivered back to the customer or end client.

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Dixie Products, a United States provider of useful products, just recently made use of Voodoo’s Print API throughout the launch of a project where 10,000 customized coffee cup stoppers were bought online, produced by Voodoo, then delivered to people throughout the States.

Jonathan Schwartz, co-founder and Chief Item Officer at Voodoo Production, thinks the business’s brand-new Print API service is assisting to more modernise basic production procedures.

” This is a natural extension of exactly what we currently do, and presses us closer to accomplishing our objective of making producing more like software application,” Schwartz stated. “Through the Print API, we’re turning a procedure that’s normally considered handbook and analogue, and making it more scalable and available by turning it into an end-to-end digital pipeline.”

On the other hand, Voodoo’s Partner Program will permit company like fabrication bureaus, style studios, or making consultancies to describe, and get recommendations from, Voodoo Production. The goal of this program is to bring 3D printing business together, motivate partnership and promote making use of 3D innovation in making procedures.

“The Voodoo Partner Program combines essential gamers in today’s 3D printing community,” stated Patrick Deem, co-founder and Chief Financial Officer at Voodoo Production. “Our company believe that a variety of jobs go uncompleted since they’re outdoors scope of the company. The Voodoo Partner Program alters that and now jobs can be passed off to a partner to finish rapidly and in an expense reliable way, increasing client fulfillment and spreading out adoption of additive production worldwide.

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