We Evaluate Printing Photo

We Evaluate Printing Photo

First rule to remember: the wet paper has a yield different from the dry paper. In particular, the paper polietinata will be more “Bright” from dry to wet that while the baryta paper will be lighter than the dry version.

Looking at the picture, look for the shadows and highlights. If the details are too few, you probably need to decrease the contrast. Also check out the black, these must be black and dark gray. In that case, you have to increase the contrast.

Do not expect great pictures at the beginning, especially if you are not experienced. And ‘normal throw five or six prints at the beginning http://www.aerozoneasia.com, you adjust, you have developed the camera roll and the photographic paper used. Unfortunately, because of these three factors (especially the first one), each new set of prints require a test phase.

Burn mask and a photo. There is also in analog photography and photoshop is called “cardboard”. If your photo has a sky washed out (and thus require a longer exposure time) or a gray area too charge (which would require an exposure time shorter), you can mask or burn areas of photography. In the first case, you can disguise it with a piece of cardboard the area who do not want to suffer prolonged exposure (in the case of the sky, you can mask the rest of the scene). Simultaneously with the masking part of the scene, the rest will be burned, that will suffer greater exposure. In this phase remember (and will not be easy) to move the card on the card so as to avoid a sharp transition from burning to masking. For example, if you need to burn the sky, move a piece of cardboard from right to left in the lower part of the sheet so as to reduce the exposure time in this area, while stepping up the total time of exposure of the photo.

When you are satisfied with the result of the press, we pass to the washing phase. This eliminates all chemical residues, in particular those relating to the fixing bath

In this bath are sufficient 30 seconds to the polietinata and 60 seconds for the baryta. The solution must be shaken from time to time. With tweezers dedicated to stopping solution, take the sheet of paper, drain it and dip it in the fixing solution.

In the latter solution you will have to leave the paper for the time given on the packaging of the chemical reagent. Or a little bit more. Normally, after about 30 seconds, the paper has lost photosensitivity and you will be able to turn on the light.

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