What is Science Nahwu?

Before learning more about science Nahwu, there are 10 basics ( المبادئ العشرة ) you should know. Tenth mabadi` not only owned Nahwu science, but each discipline belajar bahasa arab have it. As said by Sheikh Abu Al-Irfan Muhammad bin Ali Ash-Shabban – rahimahullahu ta’ala -:

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(3) limit (1) The subject then (2) of the fruit
The principles of the art of every ten
(9) Name (7) draw upon (8) the rule of the street (6) The ratio (4) and virtues (5) and inserter
It Dre won everyone Shurafa Issues (10) and some interconnected only

This means:

Indeed, the fundamentals of each discipline (science) that there are ten .. (1) Definition, (2) the subject matter, and (3) the results / benefits ..

(4) linkages, (5) priority, and (6) the pen he said ..Dam (7) name, (8) sources, (9)Sharia Law ..

(10) The chapters are studied, and there are only some have mentioned most saja..Dan who just knows everything, he had earned glory. .

Then what Nahwu the 10 basic science? Let’s consider the following explanation:

  1. Definition

    In language, the word Nahwu in Arabic has 7 meanings:
    [-] Objective / Purpose ( القصد )
    [-] Similarly / Twins ( المثل / الشبيه )
    [-] Size ( القدر )
    [-] Directions ( الجهة ) ,
    [-] type / Piece ( النوع )
    [-] The majority ( البعض )
    [-] Deviation ( التحريف )
    [-] and origin ( الأصل ).

    And the definition of the term science Nahwu are:

    The first definition:
    “The study of the post of words in a sentence and vowel end, both changes ( ‘i’rab ) or fixed ( bina ).” ( Wikipedia )

    The second definition:
    “The science which contains the principles with which the known laws (the final vowel)  al-Kalim  (sentences in Arabic), both changes ( ‘i’rab ) or fixed ( bina ).” ( Sharh An-Qathr Nada PDF )

  2. The subject

    The main menu is studied in Nahwu is al-sentence al-‘arabiyyah (words / sentences in Arabic) on the vowel changes eventually, whether mu’rab(changing) or mabni (fixed)?

  3. Results / Benefits

    Objectives and benefits to be achieved in studying Nahwu are as follows:
    [1] As the key to understanding the Quran and Sunnah well.
    [2] Keeping spoken of mistakes in speaking and conversing . Mentioned that the first companions of the Prophet Muhammad – sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam – punish their sons on the Lahn (error) language rules in speaking.
    [3] Arabic maintain the purity of Islam’s enemies attempt to keep Muslims from religiously.

  4. Linkages

    Nahwu Science Linkages with other disciplines that Shari’a is the science that stands alone ( نسبته التباين ). But when juxtaposed with the disciplines of Arabic, then Nahwu science is one of the branches totaling 12.

  5. virtue

    Nahwu learn science is a priority and the glory that is huge.

    Islam is the religion of the people of Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. And they may not be understood except in Arabic. So Islam and the Arabic language is an inseparable unity. Therefore companions Umar bin Khattab –something from ‘anhu – said:

    Study the Nahwu science, because it is part of your religion. “

  6. spark

    The originator of the science writing Nahwu is a friend of Ali bin Abi Talib – something from ‘anhu -. But he ordered Abu Al-Aswad Ad-dual to organize it.

    Many of the stories narrated about the causes musabbab Nahwu science writing, and I will write in a separate post  InsyaAllah.

  7. Name

    The name of these disciplines is An-Nahwu. Recruitment begins when his name is Ali bin Abi Talib – something from ‘anhu – ordered Abu Al-Aswad Ad-dual, saying: “( انح هذا النحو )”, which means ” follow the example of those!“.

  8. Source

    The rules of science Nahwu derived from the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and the words of the Arabs before. Not all Arabs can be used as proof (evidence) in the language. There are certain times that the words they can be used as a benchmark ( عصر الاحتجاج ). And not all tribes / ethnic Arabs have taken language. ( Alukah.net )

  9. Sharia law

    Studied law Nahwu is Fard Kifaya .

  10. Chapters

All chapters will be mentioned in it, either express or implied. Like ( كون الفاعل مرفوعا ) every subject that vowel finally dhammah,  and so forth.

Many explanations about the notion of science Nahwu and 9 other base, may be understood and understandable. Please be shared, and if you have questions or comments, please be written in the comments field below.Finally,  Syukran for visiting this blog.

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